Dysautonomia Advocacy Board Formed to Combat Little-Known Condition

Charleston, S.C – Inspired by the courage and commitment of a friend suffering from a largely unknown but

debilitating condition, a local group has come together to form the Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation.

In the summer of 2000, Charleston native Ainsley Glenn was involved in a serious car wreck while working in

Washington, DC. The accident left Ainsley with a number of serious injuries, though she seemingly recovered

after a long convalescence. Three years ago, however, Ainsley’s body began to break down due to a number

of underlying issues that lingered on in the aftermath of the accident. She began to suffer from of an array of

symptoms which left her suffering from continuous pain. Her doctors were puzzled while Ainsley was often

exhausted and frustrated by what appeared to be mysterious illness.

For many years seemingly unrelated symptoms made a diagnosis by her physicians elusive. The Dysautonomia

diagnosis was given in 2013. This resulted in her extensive research and realization of the large number of

patients who wanted more information and medical care from physicians with knowledge of this diagnosis.

Individuals suffering from Dysautonomia experience a collapse of their involuntary nervous system. Instead of

regulating the vital functions of the nervous system, the body essentially turns on itself. Racing heart, sweaty

palms, dry mouth, upset stomach, shakiness are just some of the conditions victims of Dysautonomia suffer

from on an unceasing basis.

Instead of allowing this diagnosis to overwhelm her, Ainsley saw it as an opportunity to not only work towards

medical relief of – and even a possible cure for – Dysautnomia. Attacking the illness as hard as it had attacked

her, Ainsley began to reach out to friends and family to help her in her struggle. She also established a

Facebook page to spread awareness and serve as a forum for others who may have been suffering from this

condition in silence. The response was overwhelming. A little more than two months after it was created, the

“Dysautonomia Foundation” page is fast approaching 7,000 “likes.”

Ainsley’s friends were quick to rally to her cause as well, and twelve of her strongest supporters recently

volunteered to form the Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation (DAF) under her guidance.

The DAF Board is comprised of:

Sarah Glenn Smith, President

Richard Geer, Vice President

Bratton Riley, Treasurer

Hayden McIntosh Geer, Secretary

Lydia Applegate

Acey Boulware

Thomas Boulware

Mary Hart Craig

Lori Christopher Glenn

John Liberatos

Randolph Pritchard

David K. Shimp

Given that October is “Dysautonomia Awareness month” the newly formed all-volunteer board quickly set a

team goal to raise $25,000 by the end of the month towards its mission. The group’s fundraising efforts will be

highlighted by two campaigns:

– The Tie One On” promotion in which individuals can purchase one of three specially-designed rope

bracelets to show their support. Bracelets are available through the following web site:



– The Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation’s Launch Party at the Midtown Bar & Grill in Downtown

Charleston on October 29th


For more information on the Dysautnomia Advocacy Foundation, please visit:



. Tickets for the party are available for advance purchase at:


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